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The Friends of the Waikīkī Aquarium Presents its Distinguished Lecture Series

Starting a Community Coral Restoration Platform in Hawai‘i

Featuring Damien Beri, The Coral Conservancy

Damien Beri, President of The Coral Conservancy, holds a Masters in Marine Conservation and Policy from Stony Brook University and a Bachelor of Science from The College of Charleston. For nearly 10 years, Beri has focused his career on coral restoration and aquaculture. Beri believes coral reefs to be one of the most important, yet rapidly deteriorating ecosystems on our planet despite having existed before the dinosaurs and surviving every mass planetary extinction until now.

Beri founded The Coral Conservancy, which trains community members in Hawai‘i on how to conduct real world coral restoration through a hands-on, in-water practical approach. It is their goal to train the communities of Hawai‘i to protect and restore their coral reef ecosystems through active restoration and emergency response techniques.

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