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Join us on Thursday, November 19 for FOWA’s virtual annual meeting and upcoming Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Dr. Emmett Duffy and Dr. Mary Hagedorn of the Smithsonian’s Marine GEO Project.

The Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO), directed by the Smithsonian’s Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network (TMON), is a global network of partners focused on understanding how coastal marine ecosystems work—and how to keep them working.

Marine GEO focuses on biodiversity as the heart of healthy, productive ecosystems and coastal regions, where marine life and people are concentrated and interact most. MarineGEO marshals the Smithsonian’s leadership in discovery and convening power to advance frontiers in knowledge and provide it to policymakers to support innovative management and protection of our oceans.

In 2017, MarineGEO conducted a study in Kāneʻohe Bay. Drs. Duffy and Hagedorn will share what they found and how it fits with other marine ecosystems around the planet. The program follows:

  • 4:00 PM – FOWA Annual Meeting | Video will be made available at fowaquarium.org
  • 4:30 PM – Distinguished Lecture Series Presentation, “Understanding Coastal Marine Ecosystems”
    | Zoom Registration Required
  • 5:15 PM – Live Q&A with Dr. Duffy and Dr. Hagedorn


Dr. Emmett Duffy, Director of Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network

Dr. Mary Hagedorn, Director of MarineGEO Hawai‘i

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